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Kelet-Trans LLC bought the garden furniture division of Blondel LLC in 2005. The factory produces wooden furniture sets - for indoor and outdoor use - made of different types of fir and other noble woods. We also produce unique and personalized wooden furniture and various appliances. Our skilled experts in the factories and our modern machinery and dryer rooms ensure the quality of our products.


Men of the Woods for 45 Years


The Smell of Sawdust

Our goal is to become a leading player of the market by market-focused and innovative product development, by deliberate brand development and by introducing new commercial channels.

We work hard every day with our partners in a qualified FSC environment to give birth to a “thinking industrial cooperation” that is viable, representing the domestic creativity and design and especially focusing on quality and the environment. It is also important for us to become competitive at the international level as well and to deliver a special European product.



Acacia Wood Furniture for a 100 Seasons


Outdoor Furniture


It is rightfully required of garden furniture that it should be nice, aesthetic, environment-friendly, practical and valuable. However, the garden furniture that is made of natural materials should meet most importantly the requirements of nature itself. The fluctuation of temperature, the fall, the mushrooms, the sunshine, rodents and insects will immediately attack the furniture and will start recycling it. Our skilled experts, designers and engineers are doing their best to ensure the comfort, the outlook, the practicality and the added value to our products while one of the most beautiful materials in Europe, acacia, will face the remorseless challenges of the environment.


Why Acacia? (robinia pseudoacacia)


The standardized production of garden furniture and other highly processed products that are made of acacia only started at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. One of the main motivations of this development was modern technology that can dry and process the hard woods at furniture quality. The furniture made of acacia – just like the products that are made of tropical trees – are abrasion-resistant, hard, and they can be used outdoors for decades even without any surface treatment. These products are resistant to rotting, cavity, mushrooming and even to larger grill parties.


Indoor and Outdoor Design


We design furniture which look nice, charming and aesthetic in their environment whether they are used on a grass field, a shady terrace or indoor your house. Our designs range from the traditional colony style to the very modern outfits.


Human Focus


We believe that multilevel practicality and effective scaling are very important aspects when designing furniture. Therefore, most of our furniture are flat-packed or collapsible so that the transportation and storage of these products can be more economic for both the vendor and the customer. All pieces of furniture can be purchased separately. There is no need for special accessories or expertise for assembling the units. For example, the distance of the slats is defined in a way that the children’s finger cannot get nipped between them.

A Little Care…

The Blondel acacia furniture will keep its shape even when stored outside for the whole year. However, it is advised that we treat its surface with some oil or wax every 3-4 months. Usually a thin greyish, silverish verdigris layer will appear in lack of treatment. It is important to note that this layer will not affect the value and the quality of the furniture; moreover, there are countries where this silverish look is really popular. This layer is also removable if you use the renovation liquids we offer. The color of the furniture will become warmer and more mature when treated continuously. 


The Smell of Acacia


The Roots

Acacia was originally native in North-America and it was introduced in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries in large territories. Sámuel Tessedik, Evangelist priest, brought the first acacia to Hungary in 1710 turning it into one of the most active countries deploying acacia woods.

The Forest


The role of acacia in the Hungarian forestry sector is outstanding as Hungary has the most acacia forests all over in Europe. The country has 318 000 acres of acacia which is 19% of its total forest area. Fortunately, Blondel LLC is located in one of the areas of Hungary richest in acacia.


The Material

Acacia is quite unique in several aspects among the European tree types. It is considered to be a highly environment-friendly material thanks to its extraordinary durability – even without chemical treatment. Therefore, products that are made of acacia are popular at waterfront or dyke areas, gardens and playgrounds. Because of its heaviness, hardness and durability it is a perfect choice for mine poles, cable poles, grape poles, railroad ties, lumber, roof timbers, and it is also best choice for firewood. Very good references for acacia are the special open wells in the Great Plain region. These wells are made of acacia and despite all hardships of weather they have a history of more than 100 years already and they are still functioning. In its natural state acacia contains a fungicide compound that provides protection against mushrooming. This flavonoid-type liquid called dihidrorobinetin is responsible for the yellowish color and the extraordinary durability of acacia. Please find below some data that explains the relevant attributes of acacia in numbers:

According to the DIN 68364 standard acacia is qualified as a “very good” wood type.




Outdoors without treatment


Indoor area


Under water


Always dry areas


Untreated railway ties

20-40 (best among the European types)


We only process first-class timber woods so that our grandchildren can still experience the beautiful smell of acacia blossoming.

Cutting the Material

The sorted material arrives in the factory in cut pieces. We process the wood through a 3-6-week drying procedure during which temperature, steam, wetness and humidity are monitored and controlled continuously by a computer. This results in a material that does not change its shape and can be worked precisely. The faulty ones are being scrapped. When the wetness of the slats reach the 8% level, they go through various furbishing and slivering machinery techniques and they obtain their final color and shine. The pieces of furniture are dipped into natural linseed oil as a basic treatment but we also offer the products with colored and waxed surface. The fittings and accessories are available in the following types: stainless steel, solid brass, and galvanized hard steel. By the time the furniture and the user’s guide get into the box, the level of wetness increases to a natural level and it will not change significantly in the remaining years. This procedure guarantees that the wood will not twist or warp. Quality management applies to the full production chain.

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